Preschool Development Grant Birth To Five (PDG B-5)

The Early Learning NM team is working to submit an application for the Preschool Development Grant Birth To Five (PDG B-5), which has been released by the the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. The grant is due November 06, 2018

The stated purposes of the PDG B-5 Initiative are to:

  • develop, update, or implement a strategic plan – based on what is learned from their thorough, statewide B-5 needs assessment –  that facilitates collaboration and coordination among existing programs of early childhood care and education in a mixed delivery system across the state designed to prepare low-income and disadvantaged children to enter kindergarten and to improve transitions from such system into the local educational agency or elementary school
  • more efficiently use existing federal, state, local, and non-governmental resources to align and strengthen the delivery of existing programs, coordinating the delivery models and funding streams existing in the state's mixed delivery system; and develop recommendations to better use existing resources
  • encourage partnerships among Head Start, childcare and pre-k providers, state and local governments, Indian tribes and tribal organizations, private entities (including faith- and community- based entities), and local educational agencies
  • maximize parental choice and knowledge about the State’s mixed delivery system of early childhood education program providers

The Early Learning NM team has received techenical assistance from the Center for Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) and Lori Coners-Tadros Ph.D. helped us facilitate a initial meeting with stakeholders to gain input into New Mexico's potential grant application.  

Below is a brief one page overview of the grant and the potential areas of focus for the grant that build on the Race To the Top - Sustainability Report

NM PDG B-5 One-page Overview

CEELO Presentation 09/06/18

Federal PDG B-5 Grant Presentation for States 09-18-18

To provide input into New Mexico's PDG B-5 application - please email or

Check back to the webpage to find out more information in the coming weeks.