What is the age of children served?

4 year olds. (Children must be 4 years old prior to September 01st but cannot be be age eligible for Kindergarten).

Who is eligible?

There are no family income requirements. Priority is given to families who live within the boundaries of title 1 schools. Note: PreK is not currently available in all communities.

What services are provided?

New Mexico PreK provides classroom based learning for young children so that they are ready for Kindergarten at age five. PreK provides educational activities based on what children need to learn in seven areas:

  • Listening, language, reading and writing
  • Science
  • Counting, shapes, sorting and measuring
  • Coordination, hygiene, health and well-being
  • Art, music and movement
  • Independence, problem-solving, thinking and perseverance
  • Appropriate behavior, social skills and being a part of a group.

How to Apply 

Parents should apply for PreK services by contacting the school district or early childhood provider directly.

To find a PreK provider in your community:
PreK Provider Map »
Prek Provider List »

*PreK is jointly administered by the Public Education Department and the Children Youth & Families Department

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