Council Members

The Governor appoints a fifteen members to the Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC) with some of the member’s positions mandated by the Early Childhood Care and Education Act.

The members represent public and private providers of early care and learning services to young child and families, higher education, health care and the business community.

Local Education Agency
Heather Vaughn
Early Childhood Program Manager
Albuquerque Public Schools
Albuquerque, NM

State Agency Representing 619 (Special Education) and Part C (Early Intervention)
Andy Gomm
FIT Program Director
DOH Developmental Disabilities Supports Division
Santa Fe, NM

Early Care and Education Services
Barbara Tedrow
Early Care and Education Provider
A Gold Star Academy
Farmington, NM

Head Start/Early Head Start Organization
Erica Stubbs
Head Start Grantee
Presbyterian Medical Services
Santa Fe, NM

State Agency Representing Children’s Health or Mental Health Issues
Janis Gonzales
Medical Director/Family Health Deputy Bureau Chief
Department of Health
Santa Fe, NM

Public Members
Raymond Jaramillo
Early Care and Education Provider
Alpha School Inc
Las Cruces, NM

Beth Beers
Socorro General Hospital Home Visiting Program
Socorro General Hospital
Socorro, NM

New Mexico Business Roundtable
Larry Langley
NM Business Roundtable
Albuquerque, NM

Franz Joachim
President/General Manager
New Mexico PBS
Albuquerque, NM

Michael Weinberg
Early Childhood Education Policy Officer
Thornburg Foundation
Santa Fe, NM

Higher Education
Shannon Rivera
Early Childhood Faculty
Western New Mexico University
Silver City, NM

Ex-Officio Members
Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski
Cabinet Secretary
Public Education Department
Santa Fe, NM

Secretary Monique Jacobson
Cabinet Secretary
Children, Youth and Families Department
Santa Fe, NM

Secretary Jacobson’s Designee
Alejandra Rebolledo Rea
Acti ng Early Childhood Services Director
Children, Youth and Families Department
Santa Fe, NM

Olga Valenzuela-Zavala
Head Start Collaboration Director
Children, Youth and Families Department
Santa Fe, NM



If you are interested in serving on the Council, please submit your application.