PDG B-5 Stakeholder Engagement

Why Stakeholder Engagement?

Involving stakeholders in the Preschool Development Grant Birth - 5 will be key to the success of New Mexico's Early Learning 'Needs Assessment' and 'Strategic Plan' and system's building efforts. Stakeholders will be involved in: providing input into where the community forum / listening sessions should be held; how and where to engage with individuals and organizations representing Underserved and vulnerable populations; input surveys questions and distribution; feedback on media campiagn ideas and strategies; etc.

Who are our stakeholders?

We believe that the success of the PDG B-5 will require a broad array of stakeholders. The graphic below shows the array of stakeholders that will be engaged and whose support and collaboration will help build a strong early learning system for young children and families in New Mexico!


i) In the center are families who as the recipients and consumers of early learning services will need to have a strong voice in the needs assessments and strategic plan.
ii) The next circle are the early learning programs serving young children and their families from teachers, home visitors to center directors and administrators, but also including state staff and training and TA providers that support implementation of these programs. 
iii) The next circle are stakeholders from organizations that also directly provide services to young children and families and with whom early learning providers must often collaborate with in making referrals, coordinating services and ensuring smooth and uninterrupted transitions.
iv) The outer circle includes stakeholders that play a variety of important systems roles that are critical in building a strong early learning system, from funding, advocacy, training, policy making, leadership.

Stakeholder Materials:

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