New Mexico awarded $5.4 Million PDG-Birth - 5 grant
January 9, 2019
New Mexico awarded $5.4 Million Preschool Development Grant Birth to 5
February Preschool FOCUS Newsletter
February 22, 2017
This month’s FOCUS On Young Children’s Newsletter is a bit different from our typical format. In this issue, a wide array of resources—as they relate to supporting the culture and language of dual language learners as enumerated in FOCUS: Essential Elements of Quality—is provided for administrators and teachers. These digital resources are shared in the section What’s in it for me?, even including a fun, educational app for your phone. Our Bright Spots column features a partnership of four state education institutions that support professional development for educational assistants in Clovis Municipal Schools. The Consultant Spotlight introduces Sally Green.
January Issue of Full Participation Resources
January 10, 2017
Full Participation is a one-way resource listserv that is distributed monthly. Each issue features resources to support the learning and development of preschool age children, with emphasis on four dimensions of full participation: 1) family engagement; 2) inclusive practices for children with developmental delays and disabilities; 3) culture and language, including support of dual language learners; and 4) promoting social relationships.