Management of the RTT grant

NOTICE: New Mexico's Race To the Top - Early Learning Challenge grant ended in December 2017 - however much of the work is continuing as part of our sustainability plan

Accountability / Reporting

The Race To the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) Leadership team meets monthly with the project officers from the US Department of Education and the US Department of Health & Human Services and progress is reported in an online project management database known as GRADS360.  Other reporting includes: budget and expenditures made on the grant; monitoring of contractors and sub-contractors (see plan below); and progress reports for each of the projects.

NM RTT-ELC Ongoing Monitoring Plan »

Governance Structure

The RTT-ELC grant is jointly managed by three state agencies – the Public Education Department, Children Youth & Families Department and the Department of Health. Each state agency is represented at the various levels of the governance structure:

  • Executive Leadership team – strategic and cross agency decisions. This team also acts as the data Governance Council in order to make decisions related to the data project
  • Leadership team – Ongoing management of the grant and reporting to the Federal government and stakeholders.
  • Project leadership – day-to-day management of each project, including reporting on progress and management of contracts.

RTT-ELC Governance Manual »


New Mexico's Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Budget was approved by the federal government for the four years of the grant. The budget includes amounts for each of the projects and across state agencies conducting the work under each project. Budget amendments to move funds between projects, state agencies, budget categories (contracts, salaries, supplies, etc.), and between the years of the grant, must be approved by the Federal government.

The following if a summary of the RTT-ELC grant by project and by state agency: