Race to the Top

For more information, check out the Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Factsheet.

What is the Race To the Top - Early Learning Challenge?

The Federal Government established Race To the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant in order to promote states to:

  • Establish successful state systems of early learning that includescoordinating across programs and agencies and ensure sustainability beyond the grant;
  • Create a common tiered quality rating and improvement system to promote high quality early learning options for families;
  • Promote early learning and development outcomes for children
  • Support a great early childhood education workforce; and
  • Collect data to measure outcomes and progress across early learning programs and over time to show that early learning makes difference in the lives of children

Check out our New Mexico RTT-ELC Factsheet and Presentation.

The RTT-ELC grant is jointly administered by the US Department of Education and the US Department of Health and Human Services. You can find out more about the RTT-ELC grant at:
US Department of Education »
US Department of Health & Human Services »

New Mexico’s Application

New Mexico Race To the Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) application was developed jointly by the Public Education Department, the Children Youth & Families Department and the Department of Health and approved and signed by Governor Martinez. The original application was submitted in 2010, but unfortunately New Mexico just missed out on being awarded. The Phase 2 application was submitted in 2011 and New Mexico was selected in the second round of States in April 2012. New Mexico was initially awarded $25 million and later was awarded an additional $12.5 million for a total award of $37.5 million. The work on the grant began in January 2013 and will go through December 2016.
New Mexico’s RTT-ELC Application 2011 (Phase 2) »
New Mexico’s RTT-ELC Application (Phase 2 Appendixes) »
New Mexico RTT-ELC Grantee Abstract »

Progress on the Grant

New Mexico has made significant progress on the RTT-ELC since it began January of 2013, with much of year one being spent on gearing up to implement the grant, including hiring key staff; establishing contracts and establishing governance and communications processes. Links to the required Annual Performance Report and an ongoing progress report are below.

New Mexico 2015 Annual Performance Report »
New Mexico 2014 Annual Performance Report »

New Mexico 2013 Annual Performance Report »
New Mexico’s RTT-ELC Progress Report »
RTT-ELC Presentation to the Early Learning Advisory Council 03/26/15 »
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