How To Clean Your Roof Safely?

Never make a hasty judgement when you are going to clean your roof. Many cleaning businesses offer roof cleaning, but in many cases, picking the wrong one might void your shingles’ guarantee and potentially harm the roof’s under-layers.

On the other hand, strong chemicals might destroy the adhesive that holds particles to shingles and kill the vegetation around your home. Choosing the correct procedure can help you extend the life of your roof and save money. And, today, we are here to tell you the right way to choose the best way to clean your roof!


Safety Is A Priority

Safety is a top priority, and it should be yours as well! Today, you may purchase many protective items to shield you from dirt and dangerous substances. 

Take a glance at the sky before you begin cleaning your roof. Is it overly sunny or overcast? On the other hand, an overcast day is a perfect working environment for you. Neither too hot nor too chilly!

So, what kind of safety equipment do you require? We recommend that you wear slip-resistant shoes. No one wants to fall off your roof while cleaning! Next, use protective goggles to keep particles from getting into your eyes.


Before cleaning, inspect all defects and damages, such as whether the roof is damaged or water leaking, whether any window edges need to be repaired, and whether the roof ridge is entirely intact.

Suppose you spray the water immediately without first inspecting it. In that case, you will have water pouring in your house from leaks, which can lead to mold growth and terrible odors, as well as the formation of natural habitat for termites.

 Avoid Scrubbing

Scrubbing should be avoided if you have a shingle roof. However, you can use a deck brush if you have tough stains or moss that won’t come off with the cleaning solution alone. Always scrub downward, following the lay of the shingles, and avoid using too much pressure.

If you scrub too vigorously, you risk damaging the shingles or causing them to shift out of place. You can use a power washer instead of cleaning products, which should be avoided. Pressure washers are overly vigorous and frequently damage shingles.

Roof Blow

The method is precisely what it sounds like. The debris on the roof is blown off with either leaf blowers or high-pressure air blowers. The more transparent material, such as leaves, sticks, and moss, can be removed cosmetically.

The homeowner notices an immediate improvement in the condition of the roof. It can be done fast, removes more considerable dirt, and makes a significant visual improvement. It is cheap because it can be done with a leaf blower.

Chemical or non-pressure washing

Chemical or non-pressure washing uses a chemical (typically sodium hydroxide or lye) to remove lichen and algae from the roof. While this procedure does not dislodge the particles in the shingles, it can cause them to be damaged.

The adhesive on the shingles is frequently destroyed, and the particles that protect your roof slip away. Many of these pesticides will also harm the plants around the house as they wash away, leaving you with dead spots in the yard.


Begin with Gutters

Gutter cleaning should be the first step in your roof cleaning regimen. It is especially true if your gutters and downspouts appear obstructed. Clear the leaves and debris off the rooftop using a leaf blower before washing it.

It is necessary to clear the pathway for the water that flows away when you clean the actual roof. Your roof would become a damp mess if your gutters were not clear, or the gutters would overflow. It could result in gutter maintenance concerns.

Removing Algae and Moss

Dampen afflicted areas with plain water, then gently scrub downward with a long-handled brush to remove the algae and moss. Scrubbing upward may cause tiles to detach or shingles to flake off.

Scrubbing alone may be adequate in some instances, but when patches are difficult to remove, you need to apply algae and moss remover solutions. 

Most hardware and DIY stores have these, but check the instructions to see if you need to take any precautions to safeguard your garden plants or outside surfaces. In addition, ice dams are also formed due to heavy snowfall, so don’t forget to clean that.


If you ignore your roof, don’t be surprised if you get it packed with the garbage. When mountains of leaves, twigs, and other organic debris clog your gutters and trap rainwater on your roof, it’s time to clean it.

Other signs that your roofing system requires attention include the growth of moss or algae, the emergence of unsightly black streaks created by the growth of blue-green algae on the surface of your roof, and the general appearance of your roof becoming drab. Check out this blog before roof cleaning!

David - Author

I’m a roof expert. I’ve been in the roofing industry for over 20 years and I know everything there is to know about roofs. The roof is an important part of a building because it protects the interior from rain and snow. It also helps to keep out wind and other weather conditions that could damage the building.

The roof is the outermost part of a building. It provides protection from the elements and from above.

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Never make a hasty judgement when you are going to clean your roof. Many cleaning businesses offer roof cleaning, but in many cases, picking the wrong one might void your shingles’ guarantee and potentially harm the roof’s under-layers.

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