Race To the Top - Sustainability Report Published

March 15, 2018

New Mexico received $37.5 million under the Race To Top - Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant. The grant was for 5 years (including a 1 year no cost extension) and ended December 2017. It was important to the Early Learning NM team, which includes key staff from the Children Youth & Families Department (CYFD), Department of Health (DOH), and the Public Education Department (PED),  that the systems building gains made under the grant were continued and built upon. Therefore the team embarked upon a process to develop a sutainbility plan.

The report was developed in collaboration with the Policy Equity Group, LLC under a contract. PEG conducted a survey with stakeholders, with 234 respondents, that asked about the successes and challenges of the RTT-ELC work and recommendations for how to continue to build on that work. PEG also conducted a number of interviews with key stakeholders and held focus groups, including with the NM Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC).

Here are links to the the Sustainbility Plan and executive summary to learn more:

New Mexico RTT-ELC Sustaibility Report - (March 2018)  »
New Mexico RTT-ELC Sustaibility Report - Executive Summary (March 2018)  »