Parents Reaching Out Family Leadership Conference

April 18, 2018
Albuquerque, NM

This conference will help families improve their skills in advocating for their children and in impacting the systems that affect their children. There will be fun networking opportunities with about 300 participants from around the state and a selection of workshop strands that will provide important information and perspectives to both families and professionals.

Some of the topics that the conference will address:

  • Information about Early Childhood, Special Education, Healthcare, Parent Engagement and transitions
  • Engaging parents in leadership
  • Building advocacy skills
  • Laws, regulations, policies, and best-practices for increasing parental involvement
  • Skills and strategies for communication, sharing stories, and record-keeping
  • The value of family-to-family networking and ways to make it happen
  • Tips on creating connections with local and statewide resources
  • Methods for creating and/or maintaining strong partnerships between families and professionals
  • Leveraging individual identity (culture, language, family uniqueness and more) to become stronger advocates for children, family, and community
  • Selected sessions will be presented in Spanish.
  • CEUs will be made available through the NMHU School of Social Work.  Those interested will need to register with the NMHU representative at the conference and pay at that time.  Participants will need to provide proof of attendance by having their attendance log verified by the proctors in the workshops and turned in at the end of the conference at the CEU table.  It is the responsibility of the attendee to check with their accrediting board for acceptance.

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